Hygge and life in the slow lane at Dalesend Cottages

Life in the Slow Lane – Join it with us.

Dalesend Cottages are launching Dalesend Escapes in 2018 and guests can choose stays with dates that have weekend retreat activities available. Look out for our 2018 schedules to see when you can experience Kundalini Yoga, Yoga Nidra, a gong bath, or a walking, painting or creative writing weekend. The first Kundalini, Nidra and Gong weekend will be on March 16-18th 2018 and will include various options such as a vegetarian dinner in our private house dining room, yoga lesson followed by a brunch option. The theme for Kundalini in March will be the Spring Equinox. The second weekend is June 22-24th 2018 where we celebrate the Summer Solstice.


During summer yoga weekends, yoga may take place on our fabulous ten-acre lawn and we aim to have a romantic ‘picnic in the park’ evening with songs, on the Saturday night.

*more themed weekends are planned for 2018 – they will be posted here.


 Your low season weekend away. Embrace Hygge living, and each other.

The new craze everyone chases, is, how to slow down your life. It’s the nirvana, the nirvana, the holy grail of health. Is it is possible? Yes, but we must acquire the knowledge of HOW. Here at Dalesend Cottages, we aspire to provide you with opportunities to rest and recharge the holy trinity of mind, body and spirit. What we define as the low season; November, December (excluding Christmas), January onwards to Easter, is a great time, to escape to the countryside and hibernate beside a real fire, eat soothing warm food, and rest mind and body with nourishing reading and walking.

Relax in a luxury cottage in Yorkshire this weekend

Slow mornings are obligatory here

Ultimately, we are bodies made from matter and, scarily, if we went deeper inside, we find nothing.

But don’t panic. The human body is an evolving group of cells, energy, matter, (yes, quantum physics does apply to our anatomy). Finding nothing if we keep going deeper into our cells only to find we are nothing too, can be a hard concept to grasp. Perhaps we need to access this ‘nothingness’ at times. For the good of our minds, bodies and souls.


Find your calmer mind.

Look into your calmer mind

One way we can activate our calmer minds is by working on our bodies. We can do this through diet and exercise, breath control and mindfulness (meditative) activities. Yoga is the most well known of Eastern ancient practise leading us towards health and contentment. Yogis discovered and then taught about the influence of body movements, postures, pranayama manipulation (breathing) and hand mudras (using your fingers in certain ways) on the brain. Finally, yogis brought us the power of chanting Sanskrit mantras to music, (chanting mediation) which can influence the brain and central nervous system, prevent or delay dementia, even heal troubled minds. And we all want the make up of a healthy human being.

Did you know, that the human body is its own drug factory!

I was thinking about this on my last yoga teacher -raining weekend. India is a huge country with a population of over 1.3 billion and healthcare, hospitals, doctors and Western medical resources are limited. Yogis discovered that the human body has all the resources within itself, to create the feel-good human endorphins like serotonin and dopamine that the doctor likes to hand you in a synthetic pill prescription.

But if we follow some practical steps, make lifestyle choices of how we eat, drink and think and move, then we can create these endorphins, detox our liver and encourage a healthy immune system, to be the best we can, by ourselves, and limit our need for chemical input from conventional doctors prescriptions and invasive hospital treatments.


See you at Dalesend Cottages in 2018 where you can enjoy a Dalesend Escape experience whilst you enjoy a luxury cottage stay. Our happy healthy and holistic best wishes to you!

Spring Equinox 16-19th March 2018

Kundalini yoga, yoga nidra and gong bath sessions on offer.

Vegetarian brunch and supper in the house.

Summer Solstice -22-25 June 2018

Kundalini Yoga – Yoga Nidra, gong bath

Outdoor yoga when possible, picnics in the park.


Charles and Emma


November 2017