Covid19 SafeStay Hygiene

Dalesend Cottages Covid19 plans. Ensuring your safety whilst you stay with us.

We have implemented COVID safe-stay hygienic practices and have created digital communications to ensure your personal safety from arrival to departure.

A new arrival day process for your safety.

Your ‘meet and greet’ service, once provided in person, will now be offered digitally by email. You will receive an email pack of information about your cottage and equipment, local food shops, and places of interest around your Dalesend Cottage.

Your arrival time cannot be before 5pm due to our increased hygiene measures for your safe stay.

Safe-stay features include: coded key safe doors, private on-site parking, all cottages have separate entrance doors with hand sanitizers to be used before entering the cottages. Two cottages use one exterior door into a lobby and the separate doors are spaced apart. We have a new arrival time of 5 pm onwards so that we can take extra interior cleaning time, and ensure surfaces are well-cleaned and the cottage well-aired. Your bed sheets, bath towels, tea towels, etc, are laundered at 90c by a professional laundry.