Terms and Conditions

Booking Terms and Conditions for Dalesend Cottages. 2019/20   We offer last-minute availability where we can and where it fits in with our Monday and Friday start days. Ring for fast availability. We are able to process arrivals with 24 hours or even same day  notice, if the cottage is clean and waiting for guests.

When you book online here, the booking system sends you automated acknowledgement of your booking with us. We will then pick up the booking details during office hours or earlier if we can, and send the dates/payment confirmation.

Office hours 10am – 4pm Monday to Friday – but we try and respond to all our bookings as soon as possible, even at weekends, if only by mobile email, so that you will know if your reservation can go ahead. We are able to process arrivals with 24 hours or even same day  notice, if the cottage is clean and waiting for guests.

You can pay immediately,  or you can reserve your dates by filling in the online booking form here for your chosen cottage, for up to 24 hours (or longer if you have been in contact with us to ask) whilst you choose how to pay.  There is a booking administration fee of £15 for all bookings.

Please advise us of either an incoming BACS payment, or a ‘cheque in the post’ so we can acknowledge arrival and confirm your booking payment. Customers are responsible for ensuring that they are sending BACS payments to our account. Dalesend Cottages are not responsible for deposits or balances sent to the wrong payee.

We only accept bookings from those over 25 for Hayloft and Tack Room Cottages. (This is a requirement of our insurance policies). We only accept bookings from those over the age of 21 for Groom’s Rooms and Head Lad Cottages.(requirement of insurance policies). We can offer Hayloft and Tack Room cottages to guests under the age of 25 (one or both guests named on booking form,) but an additional deposit sum of £250 will be asked for on the first due payment.

You are able to choose credit card payment (Master Card or Visa) if you wish to pay by card.
Any online payments made, where dates can not be provided by Dalesend Cottages, for the cottage of your choice, and where you do not wish to accept an alternative cottage, will be refunded. (Refunds made back to cards do not include your card payment fees as these are retained by the card merchandiser.)

Occasionally we may contact you within 24 hours if we have an enquiry for the same dates you have chosen, (and you have not advised us of how you intend to pay) to check you still require the booking.

Phone or email for last minute bookings. If a cottage is clean we and vacant we can allow last minute bookings.

Thank you for your booking a Dalesend Cottage and we very much look forward to welcoming you here for a stay with us.

The following terms and conditions apply to all bookings for a Dalesend Cottages property including Patrick Brompton Hall Rooms  whether made through our own website, or any third party website or booking portal from 1st January 2017 to 31st December 2020.

Contract – When you place your booking the contract is for a short term holiday rental between the Owners of Dalesend Cottages, referred to in this document as ‘us’ or ‘we’, and the person named on the booking form who is making the booking and the additional named person, – whom it is your duty to also inform, of the conditions in these T&C.  The following booking conditions are governed by UK law. No contract of hire is effective until we have received and processed the named person’s deposit (or balance, if booking made less than 8 weeks prior to booked arrival date) for the cottage. This contract will be subject to the following conditions and must be complied with.
All bookings made with Dalesend Cottages and confirmed must be taken by the named booking couple and are not transferable to the names of another couple.  You can book and pay for another couple provided they fulfil our booking T&C and agree to them.
Online Reservation System – your booking is processed automatically and we will attend to this booking reservation during office hours, or sooner, if we are able. Any booking taken WITH payment where the cottage dates were unavailable will be refunded with no quibble .  We operate one booking calendar only, no agency listing so they are accurate to the best of our knowledge.
Payment – your booking will be confirmed in writing on receipt of the booking form and the non-refundable deposit of  50% of rental cost for the cottages.  It is the responsibility of the customer to pay the balance on the due date.  The full booking cost is required to secure any cottage dates if booking is made within  56 days for all cottages. The balance (where deposit only has been paid), is always due 56 days for your cottage before arrival dates (see prior cottage rules).  We reserve the right to cancel a holiday where the payment has not been received 56  days prior to arrival, or a failure to pay a deposit. When you have a confirmed booking (i.e. the deposit has been paid and processed) you are responsible for the full amount of the booking bbalance, even if you are unable to take your booking. We do attempt to help in all cases where you have made a booking that you cannot attend but in some cases we cannot help if it is too close for a re-let or no one takes the cancelled booking .(We detail our cancellation policy below). However, our online booking offers you Booking Protect to cover cancellations and we strongly advise you have holiday insurance or choose a Booking Protect policy.
You can send payments by cheque: Payable to Dalesend Cottages and posted to Dalesend Cottages, Patrick Brompton Hall, Bedale, North Yorkshire DL8 1JL. We require notitfication that you are paying by cheque so that we can hold your cottage dates for you.

All payments must be completed for booked accommodation either prior to arrival, or upon arrival at Dalesend Cottages. Payment should be made upon arrival and registration  if the booking is a late booking or made over the phone or via another method other than our own booking system.
Cancellation – We advise you to notify us in writing (email) about a cancellation. When you book direct with ourselves, If we are able to re-let your booking,  we will refund you the final letting price (which may be less than you paid) less an administration fee of £38.00. If we are unable to re-let, there will be no refund under any circumstances. Booking guests are advised to take out their own holiday/cancellation insurance to cover the event of a cancellation. We offer Booking Protect on our website to cover cancellations. This cancellation policy is run by Booking Protect, and not Dalesend Cottages. If you choose to use Booking Protect, you agree their contract and T&C and they will refund the holiday monies to you direct according to their own T&C and policy.

Amendment for any cottage booking.

If you wish to change cottage, amend a booking date with  Dalesend Cottages, there will be an administration fee of £38.00 charged.
Terms of Use of a Dalesend Cottage.
Key Collection: we give you instructions for collection on payment of balance for your cottage.
We welcome arrivals from 4pm onwards to access your cottage or PB Hall Rooms on arrival day. Please do not arrive earlier, unless arranged, as we will still be preparing your accommodation and therefore unable to greet you. On departure day please note that the time for vacation of your cottage is 10am. The cottage may not be used for any purpose except a holiday, during the rental period and the rental period we have just stated, must not be exceeded.  Your agreement with us, Dalesend Cottages, does not create the relationship of Landlord and Tenant between you, the booking party and us, the owners of the cottage. You are not entitled to a new tenancy, or to any assured short hold tenancy or use the Household Act 1988 for any statutory rights of tenure, during the booking, or at the end of the booking period.
On departure day, you are requested to leave the cottage accommodation as you would like to find it. We would  be grateful if you would wash up, and place rubbish in the designated refuse area adjacent to your cottage. Windows should be opened on a regular basis when cooking and creating steam and strong smells.
Force Majeure (this is circumstances beyond the control of Dalesend Cottages).
In the unlikely event that a ‘ majeure’ condition applies in advance to your booked arrival day – such as, exceptional weather conditions, floods, fire, destruction or damage to the cottage by a random or unforeseeable disaster or event, or an epidemic, you will be refunded the full amount of the booking. If we have to terminate your holiday for any of these force majeure reasons, we will refund you part of the booking cost based on the time remaining in the cottage booking. This will be the full extent of our liability as Dalesend Cottage owners to the booking customer. No additional costs or compensation will be payable.
Occupancy Numbers – It is clearly stated that all Dalesend Cottages sleep 2 adult guests only. Dalesend Cottages do not accept children and no additional guest may stay in the property, on the sofa or floor or otherwise. If this occurs, we reserve the right to refuse admittance, cancel the booking, and request additional payment for the extra guest.
Care of your Cottage – The named booking guest and their second named occupant must be made aware of, and also read these booking T&C, is responsible for taking reasonable care of the furniture and fittings, pictures and furnishing effects in or on the cottage property. You must leave them in the same state of repair and in the same clean and tidy condition at the end of the rental period as at the beginning. You must not use the cottage for any dangerous activity such as offensive, obnoxious, noisy immoral activities, or behave in an annoying or nuisance causing manner of behaviour towards the owners of  Dalesend Cottages or the other guests enjoying a stay at cottages on the property. All the cottages are non-smoking.
Liability – Dalesend Cottages, our representatives, employees or family members, shall not be responsible to you or your guest, for any loss or damage to your property howsoever arriving. You must take all necessary steps to safeguard yourselves and your property including your vehicle and contents,  whilst staying at one of our cottages or driving on, or using, our private estate. You must safeguard yourself if you choose to play tennis on our private tennis court, or walk on or about our grounds, (with or without a dog) or around the park or anywhere, taking extra care where livestock may be present. You must safeguard yourselves when using the hot tub, the decking area, the car park.
Smoking – all of our cottages are strictly non-smoking and a holiday is deemed cancelled if any smoking takes place inside a cottage. We levy a deep-cleaning fee of £150 if smoking takes place inside a cottage.
Pets – no pets will be allowed in our cottages.   We will accept guide dogs in Head Lad Cottage, and booking guests should note, that we are not liable for any allergy problems for any subsequent booking guests, as a result of a guide dog staying in a cottage that is not designated dog-friendly.
Damages or breakages – For small items such a wine glass or plate, (there is no charge for these items) please leave us a note in your cottage so we can replace before the ensuing guests arrive. If greater damages occur, by accident of course, but you are legally bound, on agreeing to our booking T&C, to reimburse us for a replacement, or the repair of an item, or extra cleaning costs – on demand.  If you leave the cottage in an unrentable/unrepairable state for the ensuing booking, we reserve the right to demand the ensuing rental fees we shall lose. If you lose a cottage key, we will replace it for you on payment received for the cutting fees incurred.
Right of entry – We shall be allowed reasonable right of entry to the cottage at all reasonable times for purposes of inspection or to carry out any necessary repairs or maintenance.
Offers – Offers or competitions have  additional booking T&C attached.
Wi-fi – This is provided as a complimentary service (it is not part of your rental cost) for your cottage stay on provision of a valid email address and is for reasonable and personal use and by booking with us you agree to this.  Business must not be run / conducted on Dalesend Cottages wi-fi. Dalesend Cottages reserve the right to levy any charges a guest may raise through excessive (downloading) or illegal use/downloads from our internet provider. The complimentary wi-fi service is provided as supplied by the wi-fi provider and Dalesend Cottages cannot be responsible for the speed and quality this provider supplies at any time – for eg, if the provider is working on any internet exchange box relating to our supply, or any outage of their supply to us.
Complaints. – We make every effort to ensure you have an enjoyable stay with us. However, if you have any problem or cause for complaint, or are not entirely satisfied with your cottage, it is essential that you contact us immediately, whilst you at your cottage, so that we have the chance to resolve any issue while you are on site and during your holiday. We value your booking and custom and would like you to return.
On departure day – if you wish to leave the cottage before 10am please let us know, and send a back up text to 07780470900. As cottage owners, we also need to be informed if, during your booking, you are leaving the cottage empty overnight(s).
Data  – Any data collected during the course of a booking may be kept on a computer for our own use and will not be divulged to a third party.  Your email may be added to our private cottage newsletter and, until you notify us using the unsubscribe option at the end of the newsletter email, you will receive these communications. Any prospective customer, making any enquiry to Dalesend Cottages may also be added to this cottage newsletter list and, unless we receive the unsubscribe notification, will receive our newsletter.

Price promotions -Any price offers advertised on our website or in newsletter cannot be combined with another offer and exclude any stay that included Christmas Day or  New Year’s Day. Occasionally Easter Day or a Bank Holiday may be included in a price promotion offer.

Dalesend Cottages 2019/20