These are the terms and conditions that you are agreeing to if you make an online booking for Dalesend Cottages Hot Tub so far as the law permits. (Please read and sign the Disclaimer as agreement of use. – you will be asked to sign the paper form of these conditions on your arrival day).

We cannot allow use of the hot tub without a signed and dated disclaimer. Occasionally we may not be able to have the hot tub clean, and hot by your 4pm arrival and if there was a short delay whilst the water heated up, you would be advised.  Hot Tub with Tack Room Cottage. This facility is a complimentary extra that we include without cost, in the advertised Tack Room cottage rental price. Whilst we make every effort to provide continuation of this facility, should the hot tub stop working due to a fault we cannot repair immediately during your stay, there can will be no refund of the holiday amount paid.

Your hot tub rental period for any booking ends at 7pm on the eve of your departure day, please vacate the tub by that time.

Health & Safety Guidance

Just like other physical activities, bathing in a Hot Tub could also bring certain Health and Safety risks. These are, in principle, the same as risks when bathing at home in the bathroom and they can be reduced by consistently following these simple Health & Safety guidelines:

Extra caution must be taken whenever alcohol is being consumed, before or during the hot tub use. Jumping and climbing on, or in the vicinity of the Tub, is dangerous and completely forbidden. The owners of Dalesend Cottages will not take any responsibility for accidents caused by irresponsible behaviour.

The maximum recommended temperature for bathing is 38°C. A temperature of 37-39°C provides a pleasant bathing experience because it is slightly warmer than a body temperature. Your tub is electronically controlled to settle at 38°C.

It is vital to drink enough water while bathing. We recommend drinking at least one litre of water during a hot tub session. Consuming alcohol heightens the atmosphere and the experience; however the alcohol must not be a substitute for the drinking of water. Consumption of spirits is not recommended. Glassware is NOT ALLOWED whilst bathing or near the hot tub, please use the plastic glasses provided in your cottage.

Please do not eat whilst bathing. Food particles break down contaminating the water and the internal surfaces of the tub. This causes damage and may become your liability if you eat whilst bathing. Please do not swallow the hot tub water. Use of shampoo, soaps and oils in the tub is forbidden. They create unpleasant particulars in your spa water and damage the tub. Please bear in mind that the hot tub is not for cleaning your body. This experience is to help you to clean your mind and relax.

Please take a shower before entering the tub. Please keep in mind that a person who has not washed him/herself before entering your hot tub will pollute the water 200 times more than somebody who has taken a shower. Dead skin-cells, organic matter, skincare products and soaps are great source of nutrients for bacteria naturally occurring in water and on humans’ bodies. It is therefore vital all bathers take a shower before enjoying the tub. If you enter the tub wearing your usual day/evening wear the tub will need to be drained instantly, the booking for the hot tub will be cancelled, and damage costs will apply. Please take a shower after bathing in the tub.

Also, afterwards, it is vital not to keep wet bathing costumes on, especially if your skin is sensitive. Symptoms could be a rash or chicken pox like spots where the skin is covered by a wet bathing costume left remaining on your body after you have exited the hot tub. Please consult your GP before bathing if you have any kind of heart or respiratory problems.


Water treatment

For your own safety Dalesend Cottage hot tub water has a product called Bromine added. The water is tested regularly by Dalesend Cottages.

Hot Tub Disclaimer

Name and Address of both guests:

Name 1:

Name 2:



Period of rental:

Both guests are to INITIAL each statement to confirm agreement:

I hereby confirm that the methods and precaution of using the Dalesend Cottages hot-tub in the previous pages and paragraphs of this document have been read and understood.

I understand and accept, that the only chemical or substance allowed in the water is the bromine used by the owners of Dalesend Cottages hot tub. I confirm that I have read and understood the Health and safety guidance provided by Dalesend Cottages and I am fully aware of the potential risks to health of hot-water bathing.

I confirm that the owners of Dalesend Cottages are not liable for any injury or contamination as a result of failing to abide by the conditions as outlined.

We hereby undertake that, in advance to entering the Dalesend Cottages hot tub, we are aware of the possible health and safety risks.

We confirm that we will allow Dalesend Cottages an agreed time to check and maintain the hot tub daily.

We agree to make a credit or debit card available upon arrival to be swiped for a reading for a reserve deposit amount of £100 for the hot tub.

If either of you have any of the following conditions, please do not use, or stop using the hot tub immediately

  • Skin Complaint / Irritation / Open Wounds
  • Fever or any flu-like symptoms
  • Diarrhoea and/or vomiting now, or over the previous 5 days.

Anyone with the following medical problems and conditions may only take part in bathing in the hot tub with supervision – i.e. should not be left alone in the hot tub at any time.

  • A medical heart problem that requires supervised use.
  • Asthma or respiratory problems
  • Hypertension – high blood pressure
  • Hypotension – low blood pressure

For female guests only: please do not use the hot tub if you are pregnant or discover you are pregnant.

Signature of Name 1: over 21

Signature of Name 2: over 21 (print name after signature)