Holiday Cottages in Yorkshire and Harvest Moons

The benefits of a Moon Bath.

Oh yes..”There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls.”

We sunbathe to worship and soak up the sun’s rays so why don’t we spend time absorbing the life-enhancing rays of the moon?

Summer Sun

We humans are made from, and consist of, cosmic energy. Connecting with powerful earth forces like the sun and moon revitalise and awaken us. Our souls are in constant movement. If we can reach a state of enlightenment, in whichever spiritual path we follow, we as individuals become at one with ‘the blade of grass, the thought of another, the past and the future.’

Our Moon bath here at Dalesend Cottages.

There was a spectacular Harvest Moon during the 24 hours of Wed 4-5th October. Some of you may have had disturbed sleep during that night, as the magnetic fields in your body wrestled with the force of the moon’s energy and calling. I began the day in London and arrived at my yoga class making excuses about my red eyes and lazy-feeling bones.

‘I’m feeling fragile’ I said to the teacher, whilst choosing a back row place for my mat.

‘Oh that’ll be the new moon last night’ our teacher said, and others joined me and confessed they too, had been awake from 4 am. Relaxing on our mats before we began, the teacher explained the new moon phenomena. Her final advice was very interesting.

‘Embrace the new moon, don’t fight it’ she advised. ‘Take a moon bath. Run around naked in your garden and absorb the moonlight. There can be no more powerful way to align body and soul with the cosmic forces of the planet’.

This advice received a lot of laughter. This was a Chelsea yoga studio (Triyoga) and most of us lived in flats designed for Lilliputians. In London, these properties enjoy communal gardens, even detached houses usually only have ‘semi-private’ ones. No way was our teacher advising us to run naked up and down the King’s Road  during the small hours. The local police station would be inundated with calls from indignant passers-by.  A reply like  ‘So sorry officer I was only  ‘moon bathing’ wouldn’t wash. In London we had to theorise. But, imagining doing it sounded so tempting…

Why? Because I was the only Yorkshire lass in that Triyoga studio, travelling home later that day, courtesy of a direct Virgin Trains East Coast  train service from King’s Cross to our local station, Northallerton.  Our cottages were waiting for new arrivals on the Friday – no incumbent guests that night to traumatise as two naked bodies galloped around our private lawn.

Charles had no idea of my plan until after the Ten o’clock news. The vast moon hung above us, a dazzling orb. OH YES… there are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls.

I ran a bath of hot water (thanks to our eco-friendly wooden biomass boiler) to reheat ourselves afterwards, and we undressed for our first bath of the night. The Moon bath.

Our old bath – quite a tub!

The grass was icy cold but felt a mossy springboard under foot. The air smelt of sheep’s breath,  and the moon, as naked as ourselves, highlighted the park’s tree branches. A Dalesend owl called out to let us know he was watching.

Afterwards our sleep was long and deep.

Crystals and Stones

To cleanse your crystals and stones, put them outside on a windowsill during a full moon to absorb the powerful rays and cleanse all negative karma. Here is our giant Rose Quartz.

a giant Rose Quartz crystal

During  November and up until 21st December 2017 Dalesend Cottages have a 15% reduction on a short break stay in any cottage. Stays 2-4 nights only.