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UK Referendum – Town v Country short break?

A Referendum blog about Town v. Country short break weekends, in the UK.


The current referendum question – Remain, or Leave, made me think about opposites or contrasts for short break weekends, as a prescription for survival from the referendum hot air, and a debate that has lingered in the media for 2 days shy of 18 weeks (it was announced on 20th Feb 2016). A short break or holiday, even if you stay here in the UK, is Dalesend Cottages suggestion, as your perfect referendum antidote.

Spoiler! This blog will not tell you how Dalesend Cottages are going to vote! Or how you should vote. We will be voting on June 23rd 2016 – that is all we can say…

Here at Dalesend Cottages we are taking a view – on town v. country short breaks. We would book a town short break weekend every time. Why? Because we live and work here 24/7, immersed in, and sometimes unappreciative about, the great beauty of our surroundings, taking for granted the green calm views, the birdsong, the black sky at night, the sound of owls, foxes and the sheep. We take the unclogged roads, fabulous walks, quirky pubs with home cooked food, and Yorkshire-brewed real ale, farmer’s and Dales town markets, all for granted. So we NEED to go to a large town and surround ourselves by the hustle, the fast life, the consumerism, the instant gratification you receive in the urban service sector. And, sometimes we need the high-street shops – say no more! So, The human nature craves the opposite, but then, wants the opposite, back again.

When we return home, we notice and appreciate more, our greenery, wildlife, quiet roads and market towns, the slow life and folk who have time to say hello and how are you. We crave our quiet bed at night, the window open to fresh pure air, the lack of an intrusive orange streetlight glow piercing through our curtains.

We can park our car outside our door without a can opener being necessary to extract it the next morning. We can let our dogs out from the back door with no collar and leads. We even don’t miss the superfast broadband speeds of the town because we have it here now in Patrick Brompton, – thanks to our local MP Rishi Sunak, who campaigned for Rural Broadband in our area of the Yorkshire Dales. Vodafone and Orange work like a dream here. That is, if you don’t want to step off the treadmill of social media, emails and work. Yes, you really can have it all here.

So, if you live in a major town like Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield, York, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Lincoln London or Hull, look out for us, as we will be taking our weekend or short break in one of these towns. And in return, we hope that we can welcome you here, from these wonderful cities, when you choose a luxury country holiday cottage in the Yorkshire Dales for your rural short break.

A stay at Dalesend Cottages does not mean you have to go backwards in time, with a lack of facilities and modern comforts. We have ensured that all you town folks will discover, that some of us, in Yorkshire, do things well. Enjoy!