Short Break Special Offers In Yorkshire at Dalesend Cottages.

Short break prices from £280.00 for a 3/4 night midweek stay

Explore the Yorkshire Dales on a Short Break at Dalesend Cottages

Short breaks in Yorkshire staying at a Dalesend Cottage are available all year round. Our two night short break weekend price now includes a late check out. If you can only stay Friday to Sunday, relax for longer when you book with us. Enjoy a lazy Sunday morning here, at no extra cost, and check out from noon. You can even request later than noon if you’re able to stay a little longer, so you can make the most of your cottage.

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Wensleydale Dalesend Cottages

Why choose a short break in Yorkshire with Dalesend Cottages? Here’s why! Our usual arrival time is 4pm and regular departure time is on or before, 10am. At Dalesend Cottages we want to offer you, wherever possible, the opportunity to arrive from 2pm – and if we can juggle the times on cleaning day, you can check out at 11am or if we are in the low demand season, maybe even later…

Our midweek short breaks in Yorkshire are the best value; four nights for the same price as 3 nights.

We have had the pleasure of welcoming many couples looking to find some rest and relaxation in their own busy lives, and we hope choosing one of our short break weekends or mid-week stays will give you special time for each other and see you return home happy and refreshed. We are here to help if you need any concierge services or food and drink recommendations for the local area. We also offer our chef-prepared Weetons of Harrogate Delicatessen dine-in meals for those of you who are travelling late after work on arrival day and want to find something in your fridge to eat!


Dalesend Cottages offer dine-in meals to order for arrival day

Choose from our delicious menu page for dine-in chef-prepared meals – order to be waiting in your cottage fridge on arrival day.

Don’t delay – start looking forward to your short break in the Yorkshire dales staying in a luxury self-catering holiday cottage. We accept short breaks all-year round, and unlike most cottage booking websites (you know these big names well, their names show at the top of every google page search for holiday cottages Yorkshire) we still have short break prices during the peak tourism months. The booking websites seem to charge you the same price for a short break as if you are staying the whole week.

We don’t, so why don’t you have a look at the short break booking notes below and then email us, give us a call, or make a request on your booking notes. We’ll get back to you to advise on the times we can offer and look forward to welcoming you on your arrival day.

Happy short stay

See you soon,



Short break booking notes T&C

We welcome short break bookings to be made with us all year round, even during high season (the months of July, August) and around Christmas and Easter weeks. All short break prices are listed on the arrival date you choose. Select your cottage and date of stay and number of nights (2.3,4) on our prices and availability page.

Earlier arrival times for short break bookings

As earlier arrival is at our discretion, (see below points 3-6)) we would appreciate a request with your booking, so that we we can plan for this to avoid disappointment. The reasons that an earlier arrival/late departure may not be possible are set out below. Please be mindful that – unless we are absolutely certain that your cottage can be made available earlier, we ask you to accept our final confirmation on your arrival day to ensure we are able to prepare (or even repair if something arises) your cottage for your stay. Where you request an earlier arrival, it is your responsibility to contact us on the day around 12 noon, to find out how your cottage preparation is progressing. All earlier arrival requests to mean that your cottage does not have the usual airing time between back to back bookings (we have 6 hours) to refresh your cottage interior.

Important terms and conditions for booking an earlier arrival or later departure for a Dalesend Cottage.

  1. An earlier arrival time (from 2pm onwards) on arrival day applies to short-break bookings only, and requests should be made to Dalesend Cottages no later than 2 weeks prior to your arrival day. For online bookings you can make the request on the booking form where it asks you to write any booking notes.
  2. If you are unable to give us 2 weeks’ notice because you have made a last-minute booking within 14 days of the arrival date, please telephone or email us to ask, and we will let you know if this is possible. We will do our best to accommodate these earlier arrival requests whenever asked.
  3. If we have to refuse your earlier arrival or later departure time, it may because we need the usual time to service the cottage ready for your arrival, or our cleaners were unable to arrive later than our planned 10am schedule.
  4. In the case of Dalesend Cottages having reason to carry out urgent repairs or amendments to any booked cottage, the arrival time will revert to 4pm on arrival day, even if a booked earlier arrival time has been agreed. Dalesend Cottages will always advise short break guests if there is a problem with their arrival time prior to the agreed time.
  5. Where an earlier arrival time for a cottage has been allowed and you have added a hot tub booking, please note the following important information: Where a hot tub has been added to the cottage short break booking we may not be able to service the hot tub until the 4pm usual arrival time but we will endeavour to. We will advise you if you can access your hot tub booking at the same time as your earlier arrival time.
  6. We do reserve the right to refuse extra time requests for the above reasons, or another one that is inconvenient for ourselves.